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    The Lure of Davis Park

    As soon as you set foot on the strip of sand that's called Davis Park, you know that you're in a very special place. With almost 280 homes, a modern marina, a restaurant and bar, and even a few stores, this beach community offers beauty and relaxation. No matter how long you stay with us - a few hours, a day, or for the entire summer - your memories of Davis Park will last a lifetime.

    Many of the homes on Davis Park are occupied by their owners, however, quite a few are available for rent on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis. These homes range from rustic beach houses to architecturally designed homes that might be found at any community on the mainland.

    The marina at David Park is owned, operated, and maintained by the Town of Brookhaven. Slips are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Boats are welcome from both Town residents and nonresidents, with fees based on a per-foot basis and residency.

    The people who spend their summers at Davis Park have common goals: enjoy the water, sun, and sand, enjoy the amenities, and relax in this beautiful beach community.

    We're not intolerant of good times and fun, but we ask that the good times and fun be pursued while respecting those around you. Respect your neighbors' right to have peace, quiet, and relaxation. Your consideration goes a long way.

    Safety and Comfort

    Our Volunteer Fire Department is well-equipped and well-trained, however our houses are close to one another, constructed of wood, and are not near paved roads. Getting fire fighters and equipment to a fire is time consuming and the fire can spread quickly. All are urged to be conscious of anything that might be a fire threat. Keep barbeques away from your house, and don't throw hot coals over the deck! Be sure you have a fire extinguisher and a charged garden hose handy. Know where they are and how to use them.

    Boardwalks are raised off the ground, so please watch your step. Keep walks clear and always carry a flashlight at night. This is particularly important in the marina area.

    Also, the docks must be clear at all times. Pets should not be tied on the dock, and barbeques, chairs, pools, etc., cannot be left on the dock. There is ample space provided for these things around the marina.

    Pets are welcome, however, for the health and well being of not only your pet, but also your neighbors, keep dogs on a leash.

    There are dog rest areas on both sides of the marina, and please curb your dog on the roadways when not in the marina, not on the boardwalk. In case of an accident, please clean it up. And please take your pets home with you at the end of your stay.

    Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on Town property which includes the marina area, boardwalks, and playgrounds.


    If you see anything wrong, please notify the proper authorities. The Town Dockmaster should be notified of any problem in the marina, and the police can be notified by calling 911. When calling the police or fire department, be sure to tell them Davis Park on Fire Island.

    Public Restrooms

    There are two public restrooms in the marina area, one located on the east side and one on the west. These facilities are maintained by the Town of Brookhaven for the exclusive use of human beings. Please refrain from using these facilities to wash down your pets or for anything else they are not designed for.

    Maintaining a public restroom facility is a difficult task and the Town can only do so much. These facilities are here for the convenience of everyone. Use them properly and report any problems to the Dockmaster in the Tower.


    Emergency Numbers:

    Fire: 911
    Police: 911
    Doctor: 631-597-6141
    Ferry: 631-475-1665

    Please note that if you call 911 for fire or police emergencies, it is very important that you give the walk and house number, explain what the emergency is, and tell the operator that you are in Davis Park on Fire Island. It is also helpful to indicate whether you are on the bay side or the ocean side of the main walks.

    Know where you are!

    There is a Catholic Church located on Dune Walk, east of the Casino Restaurant. Services are held weekly during the summer.

    The Post Office, open July and August, is located across from the fire house. A small lending library is also there.

    The Davis Park Ferry Company operates on a regular schedule from April through November. A schedule is available from the ferry operators, and be aware that the schedule does change at various times during the season.

    The ferry schedule has many companies that advertise their services to the community. These companies can provide the other services you may require.

Fire Island, New York